Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Wisdom From Brewer Fans

From a MLB.com mailbag:

Do you think there is the possibility of a J.J. Hardy trade sometime this year? With Tony Gwynn, Jr. apparently ready to be a starter and possible leadoff man, and Bill Hall struggling in center, isn't it possible that they may want to move Hall back to short and see what the market value is for Hardy? -- Dale E., Plainfield, Ill.

Yeah...like Melvin's gonna trade JJ. WTF???? While we're at it, let's trade Prince for Jack Cust, he's on fire! At least the guy was from Illinois, so he has an excuse.


APv said...

I saw this comment this morning and I almost pissed my pants reading it. Brewers fans are idiots, but I have a sneaky suspicion that this guy is really a Cubs fan. How about this:

With Zambrano's pending contract, is it possible that the Cubs choose not to resign him and instead use the money to help build a stadium that doesn't look like crap?

Adam-East Side

AP said...

I don't know where the "v" came from.....