Monday, May 14, 2007


I wasn't able to watch that debacle (I was unavoidably detained, as Karl Spackler might say). Maybe somebody can explain a couple of things to me:

1. How was Turnbow allowed to give up 6 runs in an inning (I know only 4 were his responsibility, but come on). Coco hadn't pitched in several days - why not throw him in there as Turnbow was yakking on that bone?

2. How on earth did we end up with Gabe Gross playing 3B?

That's probably the first time all season that they spit up a lead like that in the 8th, but come on. Should have been a W.


Adam P said...

That was the absolute worst job of managing a baseball game I have ever witnessed. Honestly, Yost has been much better this year, but he is still below average. Could you honestly see him managing a playoff game? I can't. Here's a few more questions to ask yourself. Why have Craig Counsell attempt to steal third with no outs and the top of the order up (The run would've scored by the way, and the extra run might've changed the whole complexion of the game.)? Why would Shouse start the eighth to face a righty and then a switch hitter when his job is to pitch to lefties SITUATIONALLY? How long should it take a manager to notice that Turnbow did not have it? Why have Cordero warm up in the eighth if you didn't intend to use him? Worst managing I have ever seen; I would get fired if I was that poor at my job.

woziszeus said...

Didn't watch the game last night, but I did receive a text from a buddy who was furious that Shouse was coming in to START the 8th.

Maybe Yost still doesn't get it, but in MLB, and especially on the road, when you get an opportunity to use your best players to close a game out to win you must do it. Last night's game (I'm judging this by looking at the box score) was a simple game to manage the pitching staff with the starter, Wise through the 7th, and then Turn-blow & CoCo for the 8th & 9th. Shouse had no business being in the game.

If Turn-blow doesn't have it, he needs to bring CoCo in for the long haul and then if it goes to extra innings he's got Villanueva there. These are the sorts of games the Brewers cannot afford to lose, and the fact that it was about 80% the manager's fault, the loss is unacceptable.

Brad Chopp said...

Agree 100 percent. Turnblow is your 8th inning guy. Put him out there and if he gets in trouble, then use Shouse vs a lefty...NOT to start the 8th vs two righties. Stupid. Why not bring in CoCo to get 5 outs once in a while? The BatBoy (Counse) stealing 3rd with zero outs was retarded. He's already in scoring position!! With the top of the order coming up!!

We are LUCKY to be in a junk division, because no way do Yost lead us to a division title in the East or West.