Saturday, May 5, 2007

JJ / Brewers Keep Rollin'

Yount doing his best JJ Hardy impersonation

JJ keeps mashing (.333, 8 bombs, 26 steaks if scoring at home). This guy is unbelievable! We all knew about his great glove, but he's putting a charge into every ball he hits. Even his outs are ropes. In my preseason Brewer SS breakdown I begged the question: "is JJ the next Barry Larkin or Rey Sanchez?" Heck, screw Larkin, is this guy the next Robin Friggin Yount? Sorry, may have gotten a little carried away there. Anyway, he's well on his way to a berth in this year's All-Star game.

As for Saturday night's matchup, it wasn't exactly your standard 6-3 ballgame:

  • The Buccos ran the bases like the local Pizza Hut sponsored little league squad by getting hung up between 3rd and home...twice.
  • Adam LaRoche (.141 batting average) got 3 hits.
  • Rickie flashed some nice leather.
  • Brewer killer Jose Bautista went 0-4.
  • Some Capps guy challanged Prince Fielder of all people by nearly dotting him in the mellon.
  • and CoCo got the save...on one pitch.
Odd indeed, but 20-10 nonetheless!

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matt said...

And, perhaps most odd is the fact that the Brewers have won 2 straight games without The Glue in the lineup!