Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brewer Breakdown - Shortstop

Youngster JJ Hardy assumes the starting shortstop position after missing most of last year with a snapped ankle. This is a tough assessment because there isn’t much of a track record with JJ….two years ago he was just a 23 year old rookie and last year he was hurt.

The Good: Glove. JJ has definite Gold Glove material. His range, arm and accuracy are right up there with the best….already. He projects to as a #2 hitter with good average and doubles power. Hardy flashed some ability at the beginning of last year with 7 RBIs in his first 12 games…

The Bad: …then promptly thought he was Ryan Howard and swung out of his ass every at bat. It didn’t work as plenty of pop ups followed and JJs average slumped to the low .240s. This matched his 2005 average. It’s too early to bash him for not hitting, he’s still very young. Then again, baseball’s had plenty of slick fielding shortstop whose bat never came around. Is JJ next? Basically, is Hardy the next Barry Larkin or Rey Sanchez?

2007 Prediction: .260, 12 bombs, 63 RBIs.

Grade: C. I’m high on James Jerry’s future, but he hasn’t proven it yet to garner a better grade.

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