Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goldy's Wekly Takes

4-13 Yikes!
I believe I stated multiple times on this very blog that the Brewers rotation was set up as such that they would not experience 1-5 road trips or lose many games in a row as they have in the past because of the solid starting rotation. Guess I was wrong. I'll still up the win total from my project low-70's range but I see 84 wins as a maximum. I am frustrated with this team right now. Thankfully, I have not been able to watch many of these games, but that also does not allow me to figure out what exactly is wrong with this team.

Obviously we can't hit worth a crap right now, and if we actually score over 3 runs, the pitching is bad. Mench just needs to leave. The outfield is a mess. Hall is the only everyday player and he has looked turdish. Honestly, nobody else in the outfield does anything for me. Jenkins does a little, but the rest, including Gwynn do not excite me when they come up to bat.

What needs to be done? Beats the hell out of me. Honestly, what can we get for Mench?

Moving on, in response to Chopp's review of the Fox Valley Minor League Ballpark, I thought I would provide a one-sentence summary for all of the ballparks I have been to.

  • County Stadium: Many great memories, but wow, was that place a hole.
  • Miller Park: I like it more and more every time I go. Just wish they would open the roof and the panels more.
  • Wrigley Field:The stadium is crap but you have to love the scene outside the park.
  • Old Comiskey: There in its last year. Smelled like a turd. Imagine it was a cool place back in the day.
  • Metrodome: Pure junk. I am proud to say I played a role in getting the new stadium built.
  • Municipal Stadium: This thing looked exactly like County, except it held 85,000. The lower deck went on forever.
  • Riverfront Stadium: The highlight here was a hot dog billboard that said, "The wiener the world awaited."
  • Olympic Stadium: So bad it was awesome. Me and 5,000 French people and orange foul poles because the seats were yellow.
  • Skydome: OK, I was actually there for a Canadian Football League game and the Roughriders had one point at halftime. The Argos played stellar D.
  • Angels Stadium: This place was really nice and amazingly, very affordable.
  • Dodger Stadium: Wasn't awed like I thought I would be, but a pretty cool place to watch a game. Helps if you speak Spanish.
  • Kaufman Stadium: Decent enough place. Easy in and out. 4 years of horrible baseball.
  • Old Busch: This place was junk. Cards fans tend to pricks.
  • Safeco Field: Nice.
  • Minor Leagues: As a minor league clubhouse manager, I experienced several minor league stadiums from the inside. I would have to go with Winnipeg as the nicest. They serve their fries with mayo however. Yuck.

Few quick other thoughts:

  • As was stated in McManus' Bucks piece: CONLEY, CONLEY, CONLEY!
  • If I am flipping through radio stations and Phillip Bailey/Phil Collin's "Easy Lover" comes on, I am probably going to leave that song on.
  • Indy 500. So, some guy flips upside down, it starts raining and you end the race with 100 miles to go? That seems kinda bunk.
  • Dom James. Give it up buddy. Go back to school.
  • Went out in Janesville Saturday night. I have never seen such a collection of chicks weighing in at over a deuce/deuce-and-a-half. And as a reminder, this is saying something since I have been living in Racine for 4 months.
  • There is something wrong with Cappy's shoulder. Take my word on this one.
  • This weekend we move into our house. Look for much happier versions of Goldy's Weekly Takes in the future.

Til next time, "The human torch was denied a bank loan."


Htiek said...

The bigUns from Racine is Matera's specialty.

matt said...

I'll add one - New Comisky: was sort of a dump, and I was there in April of the year it opened. God only knows what it's like now.