Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rueben Studdard Shot!

Just kidding. This is actually a wild hog shot by an 11 year old in Alabama. The key word in that sentence was “wild.” WTF?? Wild? In the same way deer are wild animals in Wisconsin? You’re telling me hogs that check in at 1,051 pounds are running wild in the hills of Alabama? Wow. Imagine hitting that thing with your Ford Escort! Oh, and it took 9 shots and 3 hours before ol’ Bessy finally fell asleep. Wooooooo Pig Suey!!!!!!!!!!

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woziszeus said...

I am having a tough time believing this story. This thing is like something out of the Video Game "Doom." The fact that the kid didn't crap his pants when he saw that thing in the woods is a story by itself.