Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bunch of Freakin' Rock Stars

Chuckie Hacks recently received a record number of hits following Deadspin putting a link on their site to Chopp's John Kruk post. As a service to our 8 loyal readers and any other people stopping by, I thought it was high time to let you, the reader, know what the brains behind Chuckie Hacks really looks like. I'll start with myself and leave it up to you to figure out which one of the two is me.

Next will go with Chopp. Definitely looks like a guy who went to a D-III school and will stick up for his "small market" brethren.

Finally we get to McManus. Man can that guy rock out!


Hope you enjoyed this look at the Chuckie Hacks team!


matt said...

God bless Mr. Miyagi - rest in peace, sir.

I no longer own those jeans - thankfully.

Every hot chick on Earth said...

That Chopp guy is dreamy...

Htiek said...

Man, I always thought Matt was missing his right arm and played the drums not the guitar?