Tuesday, April 17, 2007

TV Musings...

As I watch the Brewers telecast tonight, I am struck by a couple of things from a programming perspective (since I'm not enjoying this 7th inning on the field).

1. What a breath of fresh air Brian Anderson is. I really never liked Daron Sutton, but I always thought it was because he didn't live up to Matt Vasgersian. But it turns out, Sutton just sucked - Anderson is brief (important - stay tuned), insightful and generally gets out of the way of the game. Nice work.

2. What purpose does Craig Coshun serve on the telecasts? He brings zero information, and generally rambles for about 30 seconds longer than he should. I mean, some of his "spots" are supposed to be between batters, and he ends up talking over about the first 3 pitches of the next at-bat. He's like a sideline reporter chick on football telecasts, only worse.

Hey Craig - shut up!
3. I've said my piece about the Brewers Live lady Ann Carroll already, but had to post this - thanks to Goldy for the heads up. It looks like she sucked badly in Minnesota prior to getting the Milwaukee gig. After watching this tape how does she keep a job at FOX? Note the "what the hell" comment at the end of the tape. I'm telling you - boom goes the dynamite.
Bottom line - at least the product on the field is better these days (usually)...


Wrigleyville said...

i was watching the Reds broadcast of the game tonight. thom brennaman and jeff brantley do a good job (though apparently only do a handful of games together). they were praising ned yost for aggressive baserunning and whatnot. just good stuff.

for what it's worth.

Billb said...

Goldy mentioned in an earlier post that he listened to Ueck and Powell the last few games. Well I did that tonight (it has been a while since this is my first season back in Wisco for about 5 years) and I was struck just how often Powell laughs out loud at Ueckers pretty lame old man jokes. It was just odd.

Random thought.

Brad Chopp said...

Bill...you stole my thunder. I was just ready to do a post on how Uecker can't stand Powell....its obvious. Powell kisses Uecker's arse to no end. Its pretty annoying. I'm dreading the day Ueck retires and its Powell full time.

Goldy said...

I like listening to Anderson as well. Everything Matt said is dead on. However, I get the feeling he isn't very baseball savy. He often suggests pitch-outs, putting the runners in motion and intentional walks in situations that just don't make a lot of sense. He is a good announcer but just doesn't seem like a baseball guy. I can deal with that however.

On the radio broadcast yesterday, I am pretty sure I missed a whole half inning of action while Ueck and Powell discussued computers.