Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joe Thomas...You're On Deck!

Rueben Studdard in an Aaron Gibson uniform
Admit it….you can’t get enough of my anti-Badger ranting. Ha. You’ve herd of the dreaded “Madden Curse.” You know, whoever is the cover boy of the Madden video game gets hurt that same season. Ray Lewis, McNabb, Eddie George, Culpepper…it’s literally like 10 for 10. Well, how about the “Badger 1st round curse?” It’s almost as automatic. Check out the list of Badger players drafted in the 1st round the last 10 years:

2005: Erasmus James
2004: Lee Evans
2002: Wendall Bryant
2001: Jamar Fletcher
2001: Michael Bennett
2000: Ron Dayne
2000: Chris McIntosh
1999: Aaron Gibson

Other than Evans (nice player), these guys are pretty much garbage. Is Joe Thomas next? I don't know. He seems to be everyone’s “can’t miss” prospect. I’m just sayin’…


Bill said...

I just like that the Vikings took two of those guys.

Goldy said...

James is actually not that bad. Was playing good until he blew out his knee.