Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Put a Tent On That Circus!

Cincinnati, Oh (AP) -The circus was in southern Ohio tonight as the Reds beat the Brewers in a game both Barnum and Bailey would have been proud of. Three errors, numerous balls juggled in the field (thank you Billy Hall), a combine 31 men left on base, hit batters, a wild pitch thrown on a pitch out, and silly managing by both teams accounted for the highjinx. The bearded lady and that guy smoking 41 cigs at once provided the pregame entertainment. Despite all this, it was a back and forth game with Milwaukee leading going into the bottom of the 7th. Enter Greg Aquino. He comes in, caution flamable, with two guys on and promply goes: single, wild pitch, walk, single (to 2nd on a Bill Hall fielding error), ballgame. Thanks for coming, Aquino just started a forest fire. Meanwhile, as Aquino is crashing like the 1929 stock market, Yost has NOBODY loosening up in the pen.

Look out Greg... Smokey The Bear is after you...
(Who knew Smokey had a rack?)

Oh well. In better news, Hall looked good at the plate, Menchkins continues to hit, and Shouse did his job and then some making some huge pitches.

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matt said...

I assume the gas can graphic is reserved for Matt Wise? I like the forest fire reference - nicely played.