Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Brewers' Season Will not go Well (and other thoughts)

So, coming in to this season, I did not share the optimism that many Brewers fans had. If anyone asked me, I predicted a 75 to 78 win season. I thought the starting pitching would be good, but the bullpen was terrible. Also, we were relying on the potential of our players to carry us through the season and expectations were not based on proven past results. I thought they would still be awful on D (I told somebody that Bill Hall would cost us 3 games with his play in Center this year) and a station to station team that would be one of the slowest in the majors. My thought was if these prospects could all produce solid MLB seasons and Bill Hall proved he was a very good player, they had a chance.

Well, 7 games and 10 innings into the season, I am here to say my predicted victory total for the Crew has dropped to the 68 - 72 win range. Amazingly, the bullpen has been decent. Turnbow looks great and Coco has done his job in his two appearances. The Brewers have no problem hitting the ball out of the yard and the starters are all working into the 5th inning. The D only has 3 errors so far and two of them are by Hall.

However, outside of the first two games, the same problems that have plagued the Brewers for the past few years are still there. Their ability to get hits with runners in scoring position is just abysmal. That is not even the biggest problem with runners on. The team still is unable to advance runners with less than two outs. Strike outs and pop outs. Just some terrible looking at bats. In the game against the Cubs last Friday, I am pretty sure 80% of the Brewers outs came on strike outs, pop ups or lazy fly balls. Not a very good approach at the plate. Also, outside of the diving catch on opening day, Ball Hall does not look good in center. His play on Monday maybe didn't cost the team the game, but it didn't help the cause. It seems like his uncertainty in the field may be carrying over to his plate appearances.

At this point, I just don't see it with this team. It is the same fundamentally flawed brand of baseball the Brewers have trotted out the past few seasons and it is unacceptable. Maybe its because I am able to see or listen to every game this year, but I am having a hard time watching the games knowing that I am going to see some terrible plate approaches and questionable decisions. It was easier in Kansas City and Minnesota to just see the losing score flash across the bottom of the screen that to have to watch it happen.

I realize it is only 7 games into the season and the Brewers do have the ability to win 85-90 games. However, at this stage of the season, I don't see that happening.

On to some other thoughts:

  • I have 2 extra tickets to tonight's Angels/Indians game if anyone is interested. 12th row behind the 1st base dugout. Email me (

  • The Marlins outfielders made some great plays in the rain in the top of the 9th and 10th innings to keep the game going.

  • Turnbow is looking nasty. I like that.

  • Steve Czaben is a douche. His was complaining on Lazer this morning about Miller Park not having air conditioning and what a terrible lack of foresight on the Brewers part. My response is, What? It is an open air stadium. This isn't Houston or Arizona. When it is hot out here, we open the roof and outfield panels. The heat is needed, air conditioning, not needed at all. I would rather play baseball in 110 degree weather than anything under 40. I have played in both and cold weather is no treat. Czaben is the kind of guy who will give you his take and not even listen to your argument because he is obviously right.

  • If the Bucks end up taking Julian Wright out of Kansas (this is what is saying if the Bucks don't land #1 or 2) get ready for the second coming of the Tim Thomas era. They have the same game (Wright is a little better inside) and they both look kinda the same. I hope Wright doesn't haunt me like Tim Thomas does (i.e. life size photos of Timmy T at the United Center and the adidas outlet in Kenosha).

  • Tone Loc threw out the line "'cause Dre Day only meant Eazy's pay day" on Saturday night. Excellent work my friend.

  • Dr. G will be in town and is interested to going to the Brewers/Astros Game next Saturday night. Think about it.

  • Zack Grienke looked good last night. The Royals rushed him up to the bigs about 2 years to soon, maybe adding to his mental problems (Yah, you have mental problems, man). However, now that he is more mature and hopefully overcoming his anxiety issues he could be a very good to dominating pitcher in the coming years. Throws hard and has a nasty curve ball.


matt said...

That sounded like a Brad Chopp article about the Wisconsin Badgers - although I can't really strongly disagree with anything you said about the Brewers. They don't do the little things, never have. Might be time to move Johnny Estrada out of the 5 hole.

Goldy said...

Agree on the Estrada point. I am a lot less excited about the Johnny Estrada Era than I was a week ago at this time.

Brad said...

Ha, good one Matt. Yeah, because I was waaaaay off in picking the Badgers to lose in the second round. Come on, that was about the only thing in my bracket I got RIGHT!

Anyway, the Crew is scuffling at the plate. They strike out too much, and can't hit when they do get guys on base.

Adam Peroutky said...

The team got a bunch of new coaches, signed new or kept old players, and moved people around (Jenkins & Hall). Alas, this team looks to be eerily similar to last years'. Weren't they a HR machine early in '06 too? Weren't people talking defense and lack of speed then? Wasn't RISP, lazy walks by the pitcher, struggles on the road (I realize we are very early), and a basic disregard for basball management (See-Yost, Ned) some of our biggest problems a year ago? All we need (*Pound on wood*) is a rash of injuries and we are living 2006 all over again. This is my main argument for ditching Yost. Yes he's a nice guy, yes I'd like to see him win. But with this young team, full of highly rated prospects like Hall, Weeks, Fielder, Hart, Villanueva, etc., can you really say you have seen improvement? I think we are destined to repeat these struggles until Neddly goes bye-bye. This team is .500 at best. BTW, I don't want to hear any "you're not a fan" talk. I've been to 5 of the 6 home games and I listened to everything else on the radio. I love the Crew, but I am sick of hearing about their "potential". At some point you either do or don't (See-Yoda) and this team doesn't

Goldy said...

Don't worry Adam, I don't think you will get the your not a fan argument around here for pointing out the Brewers' flaws. It is the fact that we are informed Brewers' fans that makes this all the more difficult. In the late 90's and early 2000's they Brewers played bad baseball and it didn't much matter because there was no hope. Now, we have the players who have potential to be good and they still show signs of the crap baseball that the Davy Lopes-era teams played. As a fan, this bugs the hell out of me.

AP said...

You hit it right on the head Goldy......good work.

matt said...

I still hold out hope that this team can "get it" this year. I think if they can get on a roll, and gain some confidence, the talent and pitching is there. Vargas' start was really encouraging. Winning this suspended game in Florida today would be huge.

Goldy said...

If they could come up with both games tonight it would be huge. The last thing this team needs is to get buried on this 8 game road trip.