Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prince Fielder, OBP Beast

The Beer Makers grabbed a much needed victory in a game that seemingly defied the time-space continuum. Started at 6:00 PM Tuesday, had 3 rain delays, took a 19 hour hiatus, and finally finished on Wednesday night around 7:00. Prince “The Keg” Fielder was on base a whopping 7 times in the 13 inning affair. This tied the club record held by none other than Kevin Reimer. Reimer would only get on base another 3 times in his entire career…or at least it seemed that way.

"Hey Prince, can you top off this house cup?"

More oddities from the Brewers-Fish sort of double-dip on Wednesday.

  • Milwaukee cleaned out their entire bullpen in game 1…giving up only 2 hits in 8 innings.

  • Vargas pitched well

  • Miguel Cabrera, batting .500, went 0-5

  • Gabe Gross, Gabe Gross, batted cleanup in Game 2.

  • The red-hot Geoff Jenkins is still batting 6th (when he’s on, he should bat 4th. When off, 6th)


A Peroutky said...

Prince was on 7 times in one game, with the 4-5-6 spots up behind him. Any guesses on how many times he scored?

AP said...

By the way, I know it is only April, but winning that series was HUGE. If they get swept, they are 3 games under .500 going to St. Louis were they haven't exactly dominated recently and I 'm sure some thoughts of "here we go again" start bouncing around in regards to their play on the road. The flipside is that now you go into St. Louis with some confidence and you've got your best 3 pitchers on the mound. It's a big confidence boost. Go Brewers!

Brad said...

Totally agree...that was a BIG night for the Crew. 5-4 sounds way better than 3-6. Turnbow continues to domminate. The pitching matchups work out well for the Brewers...let's hope Pujols doesn't get hot.

matt said...

Don't want to jinx it, but dare I say that Rickie has looked pretty solid around the bag at second so far this year. He has turned a couple of nice double plays.