Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Does This Make Milwaukee a Baseball Town?

Milwaukee baseball fans getting a huge pat on the back today from the Cleveland Indians - and from - for that stunning turnout at Miller Park last night.

Indians closer Joe Borowski was not optimistic about the fan turnout.

"I thought it would be like five, maybe 500," Borowski said. "I thought it would be like an American Legion game. I mean come on, less than 24 hours notice? I didn't think anyone would be here."

His reaction to the 19,000 + fans that showed up?

"You can't say enough about Milwaukee," Borowski said. "I was amazed. Absolutely amazed. Nobody imagined this. It actually felt like a home game."

The fans even busted out that old Camp Randall tradition, the slow motion wave (along with its counterpart, the quick wave) during the game.

"It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen," Borowski said. "I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me."

"I had never seen the slow-mo wave before," manager Eric Wedge said. "That locked me up."

Nice work, Brewers fans. I think it's safe to say the Brewers picked up a few more fans in N. Ohio last night.


A Peroutky said...

.....That is until 12,500 show up for some random weekday game in May. What does that turnout say about ticket prices at Miller park? ($15 for good parking and $6.25 for a beer and $18 for the worst ticket imaginable.) That's $40 for one person to sit in the nosebleeds, drink a beer, and bolt after the bottom of the 7th. I really feel for people with families. It's got to be $150-200 to take 4 people and sit somewhere decent. That's why the $10 a ticket yielded the turnout. It was Milwaukee's fiscal responsibilty that came shining through, not their interest in baseball.

matt said...

I also believe it was the novelty of the whole thing and the fact that those are two pretty good ballclubs. If it was the Orioles and Mariners that were coming to Miller Park, you'd have seen something different. No doubt ticket prices had a lot to do with it, plus the fact that schools are on spring break.

All in all, however, I don't think we can discount the legitimate interest that the people of Milwaukee obviously have in major league baseball.

Brad said...

I was also impressed with the number of fans that showed up. I was expecting about 3,000 considering it wasnt the Yanks or Cubs or Red Sox coming to town. Another big reason was that it was really early in the baseball season. Brewer Fever is still rather high. If this was mid August and the Crew was 12 games out, people would have NFL on their minds not a random Indians-Angles series. At the end of the day, kudos to Milwaukee baseball fans.