Monday, April 16, 2007

The State of Larry Harris

"How does my Pat Riley cut look?"

This may be old news. If it is, I completely missed it. The Bucks gave Larry Krystkowiak a two year contract. Why not wait until the off season to see if you can lure a more established/veteran coach to Milwaukee? I’ve got nothing against Krysko, but the last two unproven coaches (Stotts, Porter) didn't work out too well. Another questionable move by GM Larry Harris. Here are some more. Personally, I won't be shocked if they become the Las Vegas Bucks before too long.


Goldy said...

They had to give him 2 years from the get-go to keep him from taking the Utah Utes job. That is why everything went down when it did. With the Brewers picking up a legit fan base, the Bucks need to step it up.

Kevin McHale said...

I think Larry Harris is a great GM.

sleestak said...

Larry Harris's decision? Who are you kidding? Larry Harris does nothing without the OK from Herbie. Herb is the Jerry Jones of the NBA. Actually I am surprised that Krystkowiak took the job. He doesn't seem to be the "yes man" that Porter, Stotts, and Harris are.

brad chopp said...

Goldy - Maybe they are overrating Larry K. Sure, it's nice to keep him from going to college, but that kind of sounds like they would be screwed if they lost him. "Oh no, Larry K went to Utah...what on earth are we gonna do now?"

Sleestak - I can't disagree with your belief that Herby is pulling the strings...another problem with the Bucks. Who wants their 90 year old politician/owner making the basketball decisions?