Monday, April 16, 2007

Reds Offense Update

Future Hall of Famer Ted Lilly stifled the Reds' modern day murderer's row yesterday, somehow holding them to only 2 hits even though they are the best offense in the history of the world.

Wait, Ted Lilly is not good? (He's compared to Odalis Perez, Doug Davis and Scotty Karl (!) on Baseball Reference).

The Reds actually have the third worst team batting average in baseball?

They're slugging just a tick better than the Washington Nationals, a AAA team?

They're not leading the Brewers in any offensive category, despite playing one extra game?

I'm confused. Does this mean that Carlos Zambrano might be an idiot? The Reds have scored 11 runs in the 9 innings that Zambrano has pitched against them this year. They've scored 32 runs in the other 108 innings they've played this year.
Hey, look! There goes another Reds home run!

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