Monday, April 16, 2007

Fantasy Baseball Update

Hanner and I had our fantasy baseball draft on Saturday (why are we having a baseball draft 2 weeks into the season? Lord only knows - trust me, we aren't in charge). Keep in mind, this is an AL-only league (again - not in charge).

Anyways, good to see that two of our best players, BJ Ryan (kept him from last year) and Rich Harden (supposed to be one of our aces) are already hurt. And since it's an AL-only league, there's absolutely nothing on the waiver wire. Ryan is going to see Dr. James Andrews (if Prior and Wood haven't eaten up all the appointments this week) and Harden will spend the rest of the first half of the season on the DL, which is his M.O.

Oh, and we didn't keep Felix Hernandez, who generally sucked on our team last year. Yes, the same Felix Hernandez that hasn't given up a run all year.

Season over. Good times.

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