Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dean Taylor Made Us a Contender...

...sort of. Stop laughing. Surrounded by terrible trades (Cirillo for Jamie Wright, Jimmy Haynes and Hank Blanco), draft picks (Mike Jones) and free agent signings (See here), Taylor actually made a few moves that, believe it or not, helped build today's Brewers...

  • Everyone knows about the Richie Sexson to Arizona trade that helped stockpile us with actual Major League talent (Dave Bush, Chris Capuano, etc). BUT, how did we get Big Sexy? Deano to the rescue! Taylor traded the aging, but effective, Bob Wickman to Cleveland for the lanky slugger.

  • In the 2000 draft Taylor selected Corey Hart

  • 2001 draft: JJ Hardy

  • 2002 draft: Prince Fielder

There you go...makes you almost wish Doug Melvin was never hired! Then again, maybe not. By the way, Taylor is now the assistant GM of the KC Royals.

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Nubs said...

IN DOUG WE TRUST! Deno sucked. end of story.