Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Injury Bug Hits Skipper, Sheets

Uh oh. First Ned Yost cracks his collarbone after tripping on a cracked sidewalk while jogging around Wrigley. Even the sidewalks are dilapidated in Wrigleyville.

Then the injury bug spread to Ben Sheets, who strained his groin today against the Cubs. I thought this wasn't exactly a Ben Sheets type of day, with rain and temperatures in the mid 40s.

Thankfully, JJ Hardy, Rickie Weeks, Geoff Jenkins all survived the afternoon intact. But this isn't a good sign, with all of the injuries last year.


Bill said...

Also Ned Yost Jr down in Single A Brevard county hurt himself body boarding on his off day. That aside I had no idea Yost's kid was in the Crews system

Kerry Wood said...

#15 sure does seem to get a lot of little nagging injuries that have prevented him from meeting his potential over the last several years.

Mark Prior said...

Ben Sheets is a wuss.

Nubs said...

Having spent some time there I can tell you Houston has an excellent medical community, world renowned in fact. So at least the Crew has that going for them