Thursday, March 22, 2007

Worst Free Agent Signings Ever

Cletidus making plays

As requested by a loyal Chuckie Hacks reader, here are the worst free agent/contract extension signings by Wisconsin teams. Actually, the JS beat me to the punch and ranked the 10 worst Packer signings. Ranking these abortions was actually harder than the research. Let’s countdown from bad to worst:

9) Geoff Jenkins: Approx 4 years, $38 million
I respect Geoff Jenkins. He’s been with the organization from the start, through thick and thin. He always plays hard and never complains (until this spring). That said, $7 million a year was a TON of cash for the Brewers for a middle of the order guy who never had a 100 RBI season before, or since the contract. Its not surprising that his name regularly comes up in trade talks….it also isn’t shocking there were no takers this winter.

8) Bobby Simmons: 5 years, $47 million
Obviously playing for a contract, Simmons went from a career 7 ppg scorer to 16 a game in his free agent year with the Clipps. It paid off as the Senator opened his vault and gave Bobby a massive deal. He was disappointing last year and hasn’t played a minute this season. There’s still time to turn this one around but, as for now, it hasn’t been good.

7) Sean Berry: 2 years, $3.5 million
Here’s one that wasn’t a financial disaster, but a disaster none the less. Berry was brought in to be a middle of the lineup hitter, batting 5th behind Jeromy Burnitz…that lasted about 2 weeks. He started out on a tear hitting .350, 1 HR, 4 RBI in his first week as a Brewer prompting Matt Vasgersian to yell “For those of you in rotisserie baseball, GO PICK UP SEAN BERRY!” I distinctly remember this quote, because listened to his advice. Well, Berry would cool off considerably and hit just .217-1-19 the rest of the year.

6) Anthony Mason: 4 years, $20 million
Here’s a terrible idea: We have a fun, fast, high-scoring, up-and-down, free-flowing, guard-orientated ballclub. How about we add a slow, plodding, past his prime, ball-hogging malcontent? Great idea.

5) Cletidus Hunt: 6 years, $25 million
Hunt was actually a decent, active DT before he got his money. At the time, I remember they almost had to sign him…Joe Johnson was always hurt, KGB was just 3rd down guy so Hunt was the only guy anybody herd of…GB couldn’t lose him! Too bad he made about 2 plays per season after the big deal.

4) Dan Gadzuric: 6 years, $36 million
If you are 7 feet tall with a pulse, NBA GMs will give you a lot of cash. Big Gadz is exhibit 1A. He showed promise (7 pts, 8 boards) in his contract year while shooting 54 from the field. Danny’s numbers are now down to 4 pts, 4 boards and 44% shooting. This is especially troubling considering 97% of his shots are within 3 feet from the basket.

3) Cal Eldred: 4 years, $13 million.
This was big time money (especially for the Brewers) back in 1992. It's one thing to sign a guy before he has arm issues...but Milwaukee gave Eldred this deal AFTER he blew out his arm. Bad times.

2) Joe Johnson: 6 year, $33 million.
Ah yes, the Michael Sherman GM era. Where to begin? (Yes, there will be an upcoming post on “Worst Draft Picks”…and yes, Sherman will be anchoring this post). How about with the JJ signing? Actually, it wasn’t a terrible idea at the time. He had some outstanding seasons playing DT in New Orleans (50 sacks in 7 seasons). It just didn’t work out in Green Bay as Joe couldn’t stop the run, rush the passer, or stay healthy.

1) Jeffrey Hammonds: 3 years, $21.75 million
Ugh. Terrible on all fronts. Not only was this waaaaaaay too much money for the injury prone Hammonds, everyone saw it coming. His only good (and healthy) season was in a contract year playing in Colorado’s launching pad known as Coors Field. This move not only cost Dean Taylor his job but set the already cash strapped franchise into even more financial peril.

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Anonymous said...

What about bubba franks? 4 years $28 mil we can't re-sign an offensive guard but we can over pay the most unathletic person to ever come out of Miami? No one has parlayed 1 yard touchdown catches into a monster contract the way Bubba did.