Thursday, March 8, 2007

Miller Park Sells Food?

The Journal Sentinel rolled out this year's prices for some key Miller Park concessions, including price hikes as appropriate. A few comments:

1. Beer prices continue to rise. The 24-oz beer cup still looks like the best "deal" (if you consider that a deal), but a more fiscally conservative approach is to have 6-12 beers in the parking lot before the game. [Editor's note: Chuckie Hacks doesn't promote excessive alcohol consumption at Miller Park. We do, however, condone it. There's a difference - go look it up.]

2. The fry cup is always a fan favorite, especially when the fries come in the mini plastic helmet. Fun game - find your drunkest friend, and tell him to put your fry cup helmet on his head when you finish your fries. Don't, however, tell him that there's still leftover ketchup or nacho cheese in the helmet. That's just good times. Also works with the ice cream sundae in a helmet, with the added advantage being that chocolate sauce and ice cream are really sticky.

3. Glad to see that the Polish and Italians are remaining at $4. That's my go-to meal at the park if I buy any food.

4. Who needs a 32 oz. soda? Of course, I am reminded that our section watched a particularly fat person (potentially disabled due to obesity) pound an entire TWO LITER BOTTLE OF SODA (not diet) and a large bag of potato chips at a game last year. How he got either item into the game, I don't know. And yes, he was pulling directly off the bottle - no messing around with a cup with this guy...

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Htiek said...

At $4 the Bratwurst is still a great deal and a must for any visitor to Miller Park. They still plan on giving away stadium sauce for no extra charge? When they start charging for the world famous stadium sauce, now that is when we can officially complain...unitl then Miller Park's prices are actually pretty good compared to other stadiums. MMMMM.... I think I can smell some stadium sauce right now. Speaking of smells.......

I still remember one of my fondest memories of pairing a favorite smell of mine with the smell of my first college basement party. I was thinking to myself all night that the smell of this basement reminds me of a special time from my childhood. I remember the next house party it hit me....stale beer on the ground, cigs,and urine all rolled up in one......It was County Stadium...ah the good ol days.