Saturday, March 10, 2007

Somewhere in Wisconsin, a Village is Missing an Idiot

More insightful commentary from the legendary Mike Hunt, the worst sports columnist in the United States...

You would think there would be nothing for a team like Wisconsin to gain or lose from a conference tournament. Win or lose in any round, and the Badgers nevertheless would be bestowed a very high seeding in the NCAA tournament, and most likely would be a return tenant here next week at the United Center when the lunacy begins in earnest.

You would think that but, then again, you are not Bo Ryan. You've got to give it to the man who never misses an opportunity, however seemingly insignificant the stage, to squeeze a little something extra for the Badgers' upcoming march on Atlanta.

Insignificant stage? This is the Big Ten tournament, not some pre-season exhibition game. Nothing to gain or lose? How about a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament? Ask UCLA if their conference tournament was insignificant when they get a #2 seed on Sunday after dropping their last game to Cal. Or how about a little momentum to take into the tournament? Do you really want to go into the dance by losing 3 of your last 4 games? Absolutely not, which is why Wisconsin's win over MSU yesterday was so important and why the conference tournament is so "significant" for Wisconsin.

I swear, Mike Hunt is completely clueless.


Htiek said...

Whatever happened to trying to win a game? Not to mention the Big Ten Title???? I know a fat piece of Sh$t journalist doesnt want to expend too much energy by actually researching a quality article but maybe somebody should drop him a line that the point of playing college B-ball is to win....This isnt intramurals Baby its Big Ten Basketball and pride is on the line....not to mention a #1 seed.

Bill said...

Good point Matt, college basketball is all about Momentum. I mean you take 20 year old kids and get them fired up make them feel like they cant lose. That is why winning a conference tourney is so important. Geez he is an idiot.