Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brewer Breakdown - Relief Pitching

Thanks in large part to Derek Turnbow’s second half implosion, the Brewer bullpen was one of the worst in the NL. Jokers like Chris Mabrus, Joe Winklesas (pictured, looking dapper sporting a cheesy mustache) and Dana Eveland didn’t help either. Neither did Yost’s moronic management of they bully.
2006 stats:
CoCo Cordero: 1.69 ERA, 27 innings
Derek Turnbow: 6.87, 56 IP
Jose Capellan: 4.40, 71 IP
Matt Wise: 3.86, 44 IP
Brian Shouse: 3.97, 34 IP

The Good: Once again the Crew has another position with pretty good depth. (Here comes the big “if”)...If Turnbow can come somewhat near the strike zone, the Crew would have three guys with closer stuff and power arms: CoCo, Turnbow and Capellan. Wise and Shouse are pretty good change of pace guys. Wise continues to get batters out with his 70 mph change up. How he does it, I have no idea. Shouse, a soft tossing lefty, was a great find by Melvin.

The Bad: I’ve used this line before…do you really feel confident in any of these guys other than Cordero? I don’t. Capealln has good stuff and was a work horse last year, but gave up homers by the truckload. Turnbow is a meltdown waiting to happen, and when hitters are waiting for Wise’s change, it gets destroyed. The Brewers could use a power lefty, then again who couldn’t? It’s hard to expect CoCo to have a sub 2.00 ERA again.

2007 Predicted Stats:
CoCo Cordero: 2.20 ERA, 38 saves
Derek Turnbow: 5.45 ERA
Jose Capellan: 4.50 ERA
Matt Wise: 4.30 ERA
Brian Shouse: 3.85 ERA

Grade: C+. This is lower than most would grade them, but unless Turnbow has a major turnaround and Capellan keeps the ball in the park, they are only slightly above average.

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matt said...

I will miss Winkelsas. If only because Uecker had so much fun mis-pronouncing his name by really emphasizing the "ass" at the end. "Winkles-ASSS" shot the corner and missed.