Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a Racket!

So, I have a friend from Chicago (the esteemed author of Wrigleyworld , a book about living around Wrigley for a season, highly recommended for Cubs fans and those who like to see my name in print in the acknowledgements section) coming to town next weekend and he wanted to check out the Brewers/Cubs game on Friday night. So, yesterday, I decided to pick up 4 tickets on the Brewers web site. Since the Cubs are in town, I will already be paying more for tickets due to marquee pricing. That's fine, didn't bother me. What did bother me was that I was being charged $3.50 per ticket as a "convenience charge" and then the kicker was that I had to pay a $2.00 processing charge to print the tickets out on my own on my home computer! If I wanted them mailed to me that was 3 bucks. What a freaking rip.
I randomly checked out some other teams on mlb.com and the Brewers actually had one of the lowest surcharges around. So, after work, I headed down to Miller Park and picked up 4 tickets with no extra fees. Honestly, a $2.00 service fee for me to print the tickets out myself using my ink and my paper, WTF?

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