Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Thoughts

Random thoughts from the Super Bowl:

Prince and Billy Joel? - What game was this, Denver/Washington 1987? Was Duran Duran not available? Who else was waiting for “Party like it’s 1999” 8 years after it happened? I sure was.

Rex Grossman - Easily the worst Super Bowl QB I’ve ever seen. At least the Steve Grogan/Tony Eason debacle had the excuse of playing against the best defense ever. Ditto for Kerry Collins. Not Rexy. And my goodness…you might want to work on that QB-Center exchange. Just guessing, but 100% of plays without a good one of these does not work very well.

Ron Rivera – You’re telling me this guy is a hot head coaching candidate? How about covering the short stuff and make Peyton throw it deep into the monsoon? The Bears gave up points and yards in bunches for about the last 6 weeks.

Rain – I loved the game conditions. It’s part of the game of football. I liked it.

Dan Marino – Did you see him on the set after the game when they were talking about Manning finally winning the big one? He had a “Crap. I was hoping someone else would retire into my no-ring category” look on his face. That was priceless.

Bob Sanders – Can the Packers somehow trade for this guy? Please?

Brian Urlacher – You do know this is the biggest game of your life, right? Might want to make a play or two big fella.

Tank Johnson – He survived a whole week in South Beach without a weapons arrest. Good job Tank!

Marvin Harrison - I'm still not sure if I've ever herd this guy talk. He could talk like Busta Rhymes or that deep voiced guy from the Oak Ridge Boys and I would have no idea! Oh, and on the field...he's now at 14 career playoff games, 2 touchdowns. Not exactly Hall of Fame stuff.

Phil Simms – Solid, solid announcer.

Edgerrin James – Nice off season move out of Indy and into Arizona. Must have used his degree from “the U” to make that decision.

Ron Rivera, #2 – Peyton Manning is a pretty good player. How about he finishes the game with a jersey color NOT bright white? Might want to at least touch this guy…just once.

Chicago – The Bears still SUCK and you all still talk like there’s a sausage in your grill!


Barrett Straub said...

Dan Marino was the best ever. His organization let him down - no defense, a wave of mediocre receivers and running backs all dragged him down. The Bears would have been better off having 2007 Dan Marino under center instead of Rex Grossman. They should have dragged him off the CBS set and threw him in the game - you think he hasn't dealt with a Miami rainstorm or twenty in his career?

Barrett Straub said...

The previous comment is not from my mouth or fingers - Matt McManus is abusing his "Blog Creator" status to pose as other members and make comment.

My true feeling are that Dan Marino is a big loser. The best ever, Joe Montana, is just that because he led his team to numerous super bowl victories. While Dan has plenty of room to fit his hands in his gay isotoner gloves, Montana would have trouble because of his super bowl rings getting caught on the gloves' fabric.

Matt's gay fantasy love affair for Marino is historic. He hung a picture of Dan above his bed. Rumor has it that he pleasured himself in his adolescent years using a pair of isotoners while staring at his beloved picture.