Tuesday, February 6, 2007

One Man's Super Bowl Rant

Not my work, a random email rant from friend Chach Wirtz that had to be posted:

"Speaking of the NFL, this year’s “Super” Bowl SUCKED! If I wanted to watch junior high ball, I'd go down Berlin (Wisconsin) middle school and watch them fumble the ball all over the field. By the way Miami, better think twice about making fun of northern cities with domes hosting the Super Bowl, at least it won't rain. For a second there, I thought the halftime show would be Noah loading animals on the ark. The match up, the performance and the setting of the game (super dark, raining) literally looked like a nightmare. It was almost like one of those Japanese cartoons, that look sort of real, but you know its not. The NFL is a freaking abomination! By the time week 8 arrives I wish the season were over already. The 1st four and last four weeks of the season (before playoffs) are fun. Everything else, including playoffs, sucks. I'd rather watch the draft than the Super Bowl!"


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