Monday, February 5, 2007

Brewers Sign Hall to Multi-Year Deal

The Brewers have avoided arbitration with Billy Hall by agreeing to a 4-year, $24 million deal with a club option for a fifth year. Considering Hall's consistent improvement and other extensions signed this off-season, this is a pretty good deal from the Brewers perspective in my opinion. It buys out the rest of his arbitration years and his first year of free agency in 2010.

My only concern - the last few arbitration guys that the Brewers have signed to multi-year deals have not worked out so well (see: Clark, Brady and the artist formerly known as Derrick Turnbow). But with Hall's natural talent, willingness to do whatever makes the team better and his work ethic, I think this one is going to turn out better than those other deals.

There - I just wrote something that has at least as much thought as whatever Mike Hunt will spit out for his next column - and I did it in about 45 seconds.

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