Wednesday, February 21, 2007


You can live with the little bald white guy getting hot. You can live with Tucker having a sub par second half. The one thing that probably isn't sitting well with Bo is rebounding. The Badgers got out-boarded 41-24. That red headed kid was all over the place. Rebounding is a pure hustle/heart/desire stat and Wisconsin got out worked. This is stunning when you consider the number of 6-10 guys Bucky can throw out there and the lack of big name frontcourt guys on MSU. Chappell (why does he start?), Bucth, and Stiemsma with a combine 5 rebounds? Inexcusable. Oh well…should still be a great game on Sunday.


Goldy said...

Obviously the rebounding was an issue, but the larger concern is the fact thge Badgers did not run thier offense during the last 7 minutes of the game.
Here is a great idea. Let's fall in love with the 3 and run an offense that in no way looks like the offense that got you to the #1 ranking. No touches in the post and jack up a 3 after two passes. Great idea.
That last 7 minutes was terrible to watch. Up 4 and had 4 chances to extend the lead and didn't do squat. The killer was when Flowers had the ball stripped on the break and then Tucker jacked up a 3 on the inbounds pass. Tucker didn't work the lane at all in the second half which was strange since the MSU bigs all had 2 fouls. Also, did Kam Taylor make the trip?

Nubs said...

Hoestly I did not have a chance to watch the game, but from morning talk radio the paper and reading your posts sounds like the last 7 minutes UW ran the MU offense. MU's record is dispite their lack of offense. You would think this senior lead team of Bo's would be more disaplined then that and run the Offense. Looking forward to the bounce back Sunday.

Barrett Straub said...

Why do I have this bad gut feeling that the Badgers are going out of the big dance early?

Htiek said...

This is exactly what they needed...a slap in the face so they didnt get to big for their britches. This was a blessing in disguise for the big dance. Now Bo will have them back and ready to go and relishing the underdog role...Wisco teams thrive more in an underdog role anyways.