Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brewer Breakdown - Third Base


Incumbent 3B Corey Koskie has yet to participate in “baseball activities” almost 8 months after his concussion. Thus, I’m not counting on him to do anything this year….he’s dead to me. This calls for the not-so-scary Craig Counsell/Tony Graffanino platoon. 2006 stats:
Craiggers: .255, 30 RBI, 15 SB, 372 ABs with Arizona
Graffy: .280, 27 RBI, 2 SB, 236 ABs with Milwaukee

The Good: We should only see this debacle for one year as 2005 first round pick Ryan Braun is on the fast tract to the bigs.

The Bad: Everything else. This duo doesn’t hit for average (Graff career: .268, Counsell: .255 last 3 years), hit for power, or have much experience playing 3B recently (Counsell: 8 games at 3B last 3 years combine). Name the last playoff team with a 3B platoon? Doug Melvin compared it to the Blue Jay’s memorable Garth Iorg/Rance Mulliniks combo in the 80s. Iorg and Mulliniks? WTF? Was Kurt Bevaqua and Onix Concepcion not available? Anyway, I’m not looking forward to watching these guys every night…especially Counsell and his “Look at me…I have cerebral palsy” batting stance. No offense to anybody with cerebral palsy.

2007 Prediction: .259, 9 dingers, 58 RBI combine

Grade: D-. I challenge you to find a worse 3B situation in the National League…until Braun is ready.


Nubs said...

CBSSPORTSLINE's 3rd base fantasy rankings has back-ups listed before the first Brewer, who by the way is Koskie coming in at 33?

Either way we could have Helms in there. I like our chances.

Brad you failed to mention that the corners need to be "power" spots in your line-up, Was the last brewer 3rd baseman with pop a washed up Charlie Hayes?

matt said...

Hall has some power. And he has played third. I'm just saying...

Maybe we can trade one guy among Gross\Jenks\Mench for a serviceable replacement?