Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Favorite NFL Off-Field Incidents of 2006

As we cap off another fine NFL season today, I thought I'd list some of my favorite stories involving NFL players from the no particular order.

1. The Cincinnati Bengals. These guys have set the bar sky high in 2006-07, with 9 players arrested for various reasons...including team leader Chris Henry, who I believe was trying to set a new league record for most arrests in one season. You might recall that he just got out of jail after being convicted of providing alchohol to three underage girls. One of these girls (an 18 year old) has since been arrested and charged with killing a man who owed her money for sex. Nice friends, Chris. Ladies and Gentleman, your Cincinnati Bengals!

2. Joey Porter's dogs killing his neighbor's miniature horse. When I first heard about this story I thought it was a joke. What the hell is a miniature horse? And how could a dog kill such a horse? Well, once I did some internet research, I found out that these things are freaking tiny! Anyway, good times!

Pit Bull vs. Mini Horse: No Contest

3. Mike Vick and his secret water bottle. This one was funny on a number of levels. Where does one get a water bottle with a secret weed compartment? Who does Vick think he is, 007? And how does Vick not know that you can't take a water bottle through security? Last month, SNL did a funny segment on Vick.

4. The life and times of Tank Johnson. Yeah - sending him to Miami was a good opportunity to get in trouble there.

And last, but definitely not least...

5. Lions coach Joe Cullen arrested for driving through a Wendy's drive through...naked. The Wendy's drive though attendant said that Cullen didn't do anything obscene "other than being naked at the drive-through".

Hey Joe - Do you want to supersize that?

I'm probably missing a few gems from this year, so feel free to comment on your personal favorites...

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Brad Chopp said...

One glaring omission:

"You want to crown 'em, then crown their A$$ES!!" - Denny Green

That whole press conference is right up there with the best. That gives me a new post idea...