Saturday, February 3, 2007

What's Brewing?

Baseball America has a nice breakdown of the Brew Crew's minor league system including their top 10 prospects. Click Here. They rank the Brewers farm system 5th overall in MLB.

I also caught a Doug Melvin interview on “Talkin’ Brewers” on AM 620 this afternoon. Quick snippets:

-With the versatility of Graffanino and Counsell, he’s not ruling out the possibility of going with an extra outfielder (we have plenty of those) on the roster.
-Because of the glut of outfielders, why not keep Billy Hall at 3rd? Ryan Braun, that’s why. Melvin believes Braun is on the fast track and would move Hall to CF next year anyway…why not do it now?
-He basically thinks Jeff Suppan is Johan Santana.

How about that sweet logo from the 70s? Looks like Pinocchio in ballet slippers swinging a drumstick!

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Matt McManus said...

I can tell you why you don't move Hall to CF now - because you don't have a 3B on the roster this year. Koskie's melon is not getting any better...