Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally that Stupid Horse is Dead

Thank the Lord I don’t have to see/listen to anymore updates on Barbaro’s broken wheel…the entire media was all over this non-story like a wet fart on silk boxers. The Kentucky Derby winner died after breaking it’s leg. Big deal. That’s what horses do. Did you ever hear the term “shoot it like a horse.” Probably. Now I’m supposed to care that he died after not surviving 21 pins in his stick? Please. I keep hearing how Barbaro “captivated a nation,” and “fought a courageous battle,” and (in Jerermy Schaap’s words) “affirmed the heart of a man.” WTF??? It’s a horse! Send it to the glue factory, Hardees, The WNBA, or whatever they do with these things and move on. The only reason they tried to duct tape and super glue it’s leg together is because someone wanted to make a truck load of money on stud fees. Steve Czaban said it best: “if he was a gelding, he would have been greased a loooong time ago.”


Htiek said...

They just wanted to keep him alive long enough to see his daughter win the Aussie open last week

Bill said...