Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Favre to Moss?

The Journal Sentinel had the following in a story today about Favre:

"There have been some whispers that Brett Favre would like to see the offense upgraded and, perhaps, even have the Packers trade for disgruntled Oakland receiver Randy Moss."

So....what do we think about this? Could we deal with Randy Moss on our team? Could we? Really?

Honestly, I think I could.

If motivated, I think Moss could still be a difference maker for a team. Favre has been at his best when he has somebody to chuck it up to in desparation once or twelve times a game. And the Packers could certainly use a deep threat to complement Driver and Jennings. I know this is just a rumor, and I know there's a 99% chance this won't happen for a hundred good reasons, but...well...I just don't think that it's a terrible idea. I mean, the Packers had some guys named Ruvell Martin and Chris Francies playing significant roles in the passing game by the end of last year. Moss has 2 years left on a monster deal, but the Packers have plenty of cap room to take a shot on him.

Am I wrong?


Brad Chopp said...

Yes, you are wrong. Moss is a loser, a cancer, and not a top WR anymore.

Bill said...

In fantasy land I think it would be great but the problem is we live in reality and he is a disaster of a teammate. Bad idea.

Wrigley Ville said...

Matt, Matt, Matt... Are you really pining for Randy Moss??? Is it that bad? I remember your criticism of one Javon Walker early last season, by the way.