Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Home Run Derby Participants

In honor of tonight's Home Run Derby, I give you the most random participants in the derby since its inception in 1985 based on my intensive research:

Hubie Brooks, Montreal, 1986.

Brooks hit 149 home runs in 15 seasons. You do the math. In 1986, he hit 14 bombs, with 58 RBIs. Predictably he hit 1 home run in the derby. There were 6 guys in the derby that year. Really? Hubie Brooks is the best they could do for the 6th guy? Did 25 other guys pass on the opportunity before they got down to poor Hubie?

Ozzie Virgil, Jr., Atlanta, 1987.

Ozzie topped out at 27 home runs in his magical 1987 campaign. He hit a total of 10 home runs in his career after 1987.

Damion Easley, Detroit, 1998.

When I think of Damion Easley I think of super utility slappy hitter. Apparently not - he was in a home run derby once! He did hit 27 home runs in 1998. He had 20 the year before. But in his career? 163 home runs in 17 seasons.

BJ Surhoff (O's), John Jaha (A's), Jeromy Burnitz (Brewers), 1999.

Good lordy, these guys were in the derby? Actually I knew about Burnitz (he damn near won it that year, I think) but Surhoff? Really? Jaha? Did he pull a muscle in the game?

Carl Everett, Boston, 2000.

Does not believe in dinosaurs, but does believe in entertaining the fans in a home run exhibition.

Hee Sop Choi, LA, 2005.

I'm not kidding. Hee Sop Choi was in a home run derby less than 5 years ago.


Matt said...

I should also add that Nelson Cruz and Brandon Inge are in this year's derby.

brad said...

Hee Sop was that one year when they had 10 guys from 10 different countries. Abreu won representing the crazy nation of Venezuela...they brought out the flag and all that stuff. He hit like 1 bomb after the break.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Inge wasn't aware that he was in this year's derby.

Tim said...

Untuck that mo'fo'

Matt said...

Prince was family-friendly all night long. De-chawing a giant dip after finishing round 1 with the cameras right in his face, and getting bleeped out 3 or 4 times on bad swings.

Oh, and he disrespected the game countless times by launching mammoth shots in Fat Albert's house.


Merkle said...

I can't be the only one to notice that when Prince untucked his jersey, it fell nearly to his knees and reminded me of this:

Jacks=Off said...

I love all of the ex-Brewers in the '99 derby, and if my memory is right, John Jaha would've been unstoppable in the derby if the bases were loaded for every pitch...

Anonymous said...

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