Monday, July 13, 2009

Prince Wins, JS Blog Responders Already Claiming this as a Bad Thing

OK, I can't verify that title, but I am sure the yahoos on the J-S Brewers blog are already crying about how this is going to throw off Prince's swing for the second half of the season. In my opinion, that theory is a bunch of horseshit. If you ever watch BP, these guys are trying to jack bombs all the time.

Anyhow, congrats to Prince. He made a mostly unwatchable event watchable. I am also glad that he was still going strong at the end so Joe Morgan and his theory of Prince tiring out could suck it. Prince hit some bombs. The ones going towards the scoreboard were fun to watch. Many fair-weather Brewers fans are quick to crap on Prince for several unjustified reasons. I can understand why people are hitching their wagons to Braun because he signed the long term deal, but in my opinion, Prince is the heart and soul of the team. I also thought that it was pretty sweet that after he won, he untucked. Couldn't have happened in a better location. I am sure some random douchebag St. Louis writer is going to be complaining about this. I think the best thing to come out of this is that we now know that Prince's kids rock the Sideshow Bob hairstyle. Awesome.

In other news, Channel 12 reminded me that tomorrow is the 10-year anniversary of the Big Blue collapse. To be honest, the aftermath is one of the most surreal things I have ever seen in my life. My girlfriend and I were driving to Milwaukee from Madison the day after it happened and we drove past the stadium on I-94. It didn't even look real. I remember how the crane used to stand so majestically and you could see it from all over the city. The fact that it was the worlds largest crane was a source of pride. Seeing Big Blue draped over the first base side of the park and the associated damage was surreal. It seriously looked like a LEGO set that someone had partially knocked down. It's terrible that three guys died building our ballpark, however, I am amazed that there were not more deaths/injuries. Just a very scary thing and seeing the ballpark the day after is just one of those images burned into my mind.

On a more pleasant note, the MLB Network was showing the 1995 All Star Game from Arlington tonight. Wow, talk about a blast from the past. 1995 was the last year I played competitive baseball. As a senior in high school these were the players and styles I was trying to emulate. Thankfully I had a shaved head and wasn't rocking the 1995 Randy Johnson mullet. One highlight was muscular Ron Grant wearing a jersey that may fit Matt. Gant was a ripped dude and his jersey was probably a 38 or a 40. Kevin Appier was out on the mound for the AL following the Big Unit. That guy had a funky delivery. The most unfortunate moment was when Kirby Puckett was batting and they interviewed Dennis Martinez in the bullpen. If you recall, it was Martinez who accidentally hit Puckett in the face ending Kirby's career. Behind Molitor and Yount, Kirby was my favorite player, enough to name my first dog Kirby. But anyhow, it was great to watch the 1995 All Star game. Players from my youth, not my parents youth. Good times.


Anonymous said...

They really need to shorten the derby. 3 hours is just stupid. Give the guys 10 swings per round, not 10 outs.

Prince untucking was awesome, especially considering ESPN insisted on making it The Albert Pujols Show for the first hour or two.

Goldy said...

I agree. That thing is just too long. Plus, once you have Berman, Buck and Morgan talking at the same time, people tend to run in large groups and jump off of cliffs like at the end of Disturbing Behavior. Yah I went there. The two things I remember from that movie are an attractive Katie Holmes and The Flys "Got You Where I Want You".

Fischsticks said...

Does anyone know who those white kids in fielder jerseys belong to? were they hoffman's kids?

PackaBrew said...

The asshats on ESPN made it sound like Albert Pujols was personally hosting this at his house.

Hope he had enough Crock pots and slow cookers for the ham. And God knows not everyone remembered to bring a sleeping bag.

Cheers, Prince.

Nubs said...

Sad about the Big Blue disaster but side note If you recall the Brewers marketing campaign that year was "Bringing Down the House" ooops. Yeah they had to take everything down, banners, billboards, pocket schedules, magnets, you name it they trashed it and started over.

I was working for the Admirals at the time, wow 10 years. I thought I would have done more with my life by now. Thanks for bring me down Goldy

Goldy said...

Nubs, you are the only person I have ever known that has lived in Houston, so you have taht going for you.

Nubs said...

Your right Goldy, My ability to hold jobs for 2ish years and bounce all over the place is something to be proud of. I like being 33 with no real clear career path. Thanks Goldy. I feel better now.



brad said...

I'm pretty sure the Charter TV listings said the HR derby was from 7-8, only one hour. That was pretty funny.

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