Monday, June 29, 2009

The French Defense Tightens Up; Holds US Under 80

In something called the Junior World Championship of American Football, the US took France behind the woodshed and squeaked out a 78-0 victory. Oh, and the yardage totals? 610-7.

In other action, Canada beat New Zealand 55-0, and Sweden lost to Mexico 41-0. I pray that the Kiwis and Swedes are off the US schedule. The US might reach triple digits by halftime.

Remember Ping-Pong Diplomacy from US history class? Well, we got destroyed. Maybe we should start American Football Diplomacy with North Korea. We'll give them 2 yard to get a first down, and we'll only have 6 guys on offense. That could sooth relationships!

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Anonymous said...

In a related story, Brett Favre learned that Ted Thompson is American and has signed a deal with New Zealand in an effort to "stick it" to Thompson and the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Brent threw 7 picks for New Zealand, but at least he was having fun out there and John Madden enjoyed watching him play.

Cash Cab said...

Let's Play Brett Favre, "Myth or Fact"

Down by two touchdowns, who else would you want beside Brett Favre?

MYTH: Favre NEVER once lead the Packers from down 14 or more.
Brett Favre carried the Packers on his right arm for 16 years!

MYTH: Favre was 26-47 (including 0-4 in playoffs) when throwing 40 or more times a game.

garcia said...

is ahmad carroll french?

Jacks-Off said...

I'm not a Favre slurper, Cash Cab, but in his slight defense, off the top of my head, weren't the Packers down 14-0 to the Seahawks in the Divisional Playoff game in the snow in Jan. '08, then they outscored them 42-6 the rest of the way? Granted there was still 56 minutes left in the game, but still, that's one more than never...

Cash Cab said...

Touche, Jacker.

Just goin off this friendly little website.

Thank you for bringing up a great game by the way.