Tuesday, June 9, 2009


MLB draft is today. Some flamethrower from San Diego St is a lock to be the #1 pick. Because it's the Nattys, he's sure to FAIL....even if he can throw 163 MPH.

Warning to the Nats - These guys have been the most-hyped pitching prospects going into the draft since I've been following baseball: Andy Benes, Ben McDonald, Brien Taylor, Mark Prior, Paul Wilson, and Kris Benson. Enough said.

Can anyone explain why teams cannot trade draft picks in baseball? Anyone know the reasoning behind this? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Like we saw with Hanson in Atlanta, sometimes you can be a stud in HS/college/minors but then you get up to the big show and it takes one rotation of the batting order for the big leaguers to figure you out.

Anonymous said...

MLB does not allow you to trade your picks.

brad said...

I know, but why not?