Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brewers draft Indiana Basketball player who believes he's next Jonathan Papelbon

I think that the MLB draft is slowly becoming one of my favorite in-season baseball topics, mostly because of the ridiculous stories, stats, & quotes you get from most of the draftees. Its nice because they haven't been trained yet in any sort of humility. Don't forget our boy Brett Lawrie, who last year famously stated that he expected to be in the big leagues in a "year and a half." Brett must not have been thinking TOO clearly at the time, because actually have to play professional baseball to make the big leagues (not sit on the bench for Team Canada in the Olympics).

So here's the "hot" news about the Crew's first round draft pick:Mr. Eric Arnett.

A) He wanted to play basketball at Indiana, but couldn't because of scholarship problems. So, because HE'S A GAMER, he suited up and practiced with the team and even traveled with them! And as result, TOM CREAN lobbied for him to get drafted!

Crean was a regular at Miller Park during his 10-year tenure at Marquette, where he rebuilt the program into a national power. He's trying to do the same at an Indiana program short on top players.

So short that Arnett walked on and would have had a spot on the team if not for a scholarship technicality. Instead, he suited up as a practice player and traveled with the team throughout the season. He made a mark on Crean.

Oh you bet Arnett loves Mr. Tom Crean!

"He's been awesome, calling people. I'm using him as a reference," Arnett said.

B)When asked who he would compare himself too...he says Jonathan Papelbon and also says they have the same "mentality." I like the fact our new draft pick somehow thinks he has the same testicular fortitude as a guy who has saved games in the World Series and did an Irish Jig afterward.

He believes his stuff is in the mold of Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon.
"I compare to him with his mentality and everything," Arnett said. "I don't know if I have that look that he does. I don't know. I have a pretty good slider and hopefully I can work on the changeup a little more to perfect that and improve my split."

You know Eric...I don't know you...but I bet you have Papelbon's look. Don't ever doubt yourself. Tom Crean believes in you.

C)Perhaps the best quote in the story:

"I'm a fairly signable guy," Arnett said. "I don't think it should take too long."

Thanks for being signable Eric. Chuckie Hacks welcomes you to the best organization in baseball.

I'll try and get more stuff up on some of the other draft picks today. Power of google and all...


ClownShipLollypop said...

I don't think Brett's .264 average, 8 home runs and a whopping 10 errors in A ball is going to rocket him to the show.

Switching to 2B was a huge mistake being that NEXT year will be Weeks break out year!

Ahmad Carroll said...


These young kids entering sports these days are just immature douchbags.

jnizzle said...

why did he switch to second? he seems kind of douchee

Lance's Other Nut said...

Man I really hate Tom Crean.

He wasn't at Miller Park because he likes baseball. He was at Miller Park because he is a shameless self-promoter.

DOGY said...

Lawrie IS a douche. BIG douche.

Stone glove, no range, no reaction ability. He hits alright, but there are better prospects on that team.

He shoulda stayed at catcher or moved to third.

And the way it sounded, he switched to second because he wanted to. Prolly figured it would be his quickest path to the majors, with Rickie's history of inconsistency.

Anonymous said...

This Arnett guy seems like a tool. He'll fit right in.

Blogger said...

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