Friday, June 6, 2008

Right-handed Adam LaRoche?

Apparently our 1st pick has been hitting with a wood bat since age 14, and can flat out rake.

But I think I sense a little Ryan Braun cockiness...which I loooooooooooooooooove...

In a conference call with members of the Milwaukee media, Lawrie announced he hopes to get to the big leagues "in about a year and a half."

As for making the commitment to catch full-time, Lawrie said, "I'm looking forward to competing. Hopefully, I'll be up to the big leagues as quick as possible and it'll be behind the dish."

Damn right. 18 years old...huge cock...1.5 million in the bank...big leagues by the age of effing problem.

BTW...My sources are still working on finding out if this kid is related to the one and only Paul Lawrie...the journeyman golfer who won the 1999 British Open after Jean Van de Velde Billups' the final hole with a 7.


Krey said...

You are funny, Woz

Anonymous said...

and the Cubs fans already hate him because he's too cocky :p

racine native vinny rottino said...

I thought I was the catcher of the future?

AP said...

BTW, good work on all the draft posts Woz.