Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seriously, Relax

People are all up in arms about Ryan Braun and his perceived showmanship while hitting home runs. Apparently such baseball luminaries as Buck Schowalter (for ESPN), Mitch Williams (for MLB Network) and Bob Brenly (for WGN) have scolded or chided Braun about antics after hitting big home runs. I didn't see any of the criticism myself, but I'm sure it happened. We also get a Chicago Sun-Times writer calling Braun a showboat in what is purported to be a news story, saying it's no big deal to throw at somebody's head.

Ryan Braun stood for a second watching a home run before beginning his trot! Did you see him low-five the first base coach with his tongue out after hitting a go-ahead home run in the 8th inning! Holy hell! Put a ball between his eyes the next time he's up! We'll handle it the same way it's been handled for 100 years! He's disrespecting the game! Act like you've been there before! What gives him the right to admire a home run! That's reserved for Albert Pujols!

Guess what? Braun couldn't care less about the criticism.

"That's how I live my life," said Braun, who was honored Monday as the National League player of the week. "I live my life in the moment and I think you should enjoy those times.
"I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I'm not going to admire a home run unless it's a big situation. If we're up by a lot or down by a lot, it's not something I'm going to do."


"It's an emotional thing, a passionate thing. It's not a disrespectful thing or showing anybody up. If somebody strikes me out in that situation and they fist pump, I have no problem with it."


"Everybody's entitled to their own opinion," Braun said. "It doesn't bother me. It's not going to change anything I do or factor into how I play the game."


"I'm going to continue to have fun. That's me; that's the way I am. I guess I'm 'new school.' The people I offend are probably more 'old school.' That's fine."

Good for you Ryan. Basically, baseball players and coaches and media types and former players need to freaking relax. Aubrey Huff did a couple of fist pumps after hitting a home run off of Joba Chamberlain last week and took some flack for it. Well, Joba fist pumps after big strikeouts, so Huff had some fun with him. Big deal. Good for him. Relax.

Have some fun in your sport. I would probably hate Ryan Braun if he was on somebody else's team, not because he watches a big home run for an extra second, but because he hit the big home run to begin with. I don't like Alfonso Soriano, but it's not because he hot dogs, it's because he hits big home runs against my favorite team in big spots.


SD said...

I totally agree. Players on Wisconsin-based teams are allowed to have personality and swagger. Other markets will just have to get used to the home run gazing, shirt untucking, etc. It's harmless and makes the game fun.

As for throwing at the head as retaliation for getting schooled by a superior hitter? That is some messed up logic. A pitch for a pitch, please.

The Soriano example is right on, great comparison.

Anonymous said...

Cub fans give up any right to bitch about admiring home runs with "Hollywood" Ramierez on their team, plus watching their game last night after Bradley's bomb he stood there for a solid 3 seconds watching it. Personally I have zero issue with guys celebrating a homer, or watching it fly, and if someone hits one out after you buzz his head, well...that's your fault Dempster.

Lance's Other Nut said...



Matt said...

One thing I do hate - Bill Hall standing in the box admiring a ball that hits off of the base of the wall. Not even close to a home run. Is he unable to run out of the box?

If you stand there, you better know that it's gone.

Anonymous said...

The Cubs are the most obnoxious group of people in the people. They have no right to complain about anything. Enjoy another 100 years of losing.

garcia said...

Remember when Griffey Jr. was a renegade for wearing his hat backwards? He disrespected the game too... but since he established himself as a hall of famer, he can wear his hat backwards!

By the way, which too team are getting pissy? Oh yeah, the Cubs (for bomb gazing) and the Cards (for shirt untucking). They have owned the Central for like two decades. Now that someone new has come along they want to call them out for being good... the sports media in these cities is piss poor... ain't that right Jay Mariotti?

garcia said...

".... which two teams..." that is

Lance's Other Nut said...

And when talking about the Great Bambino no one ever talks about the copious amounts of money he dropped on the whores.

Oh, the wonderful whores.

MillerParkSouth said...

I dunno, that little bunnyhop that Soriano does on every ball he catches is annoying. Sure he can hit, but so can Aramis and I don't get pissed every time he catches a popup.

wv23 said...

Odd, after Macha went whining to Uncle Bud, baseball found Dempster didn't do anything wrong - that the pitch hit Braun's bat as he leaned in.

What's the problem here?

I, too, don't have a problem with Braun's theatrics. It's fun.

I do have a problem with Macha being a whiner.

And with anonymous being a racist.

Nutez said...

Papelbon damn near has a corenary after every save. What Braun does in a big situation is no different. And being a Brewers fan living in the heart of Wrigleyville, I can't agree more that Cubs fans are arrogant a**holes.

Matt said...

In sum, in the world according to WV, it is OK for a batter to have some fun after a home run, but it is also OK for a pitcher to throw at said batter's head at some later at bat.

And it's not OK for a manager to defend his player if the other team throws at his player's head.