Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marlins Series

A couple of stats/things to keep in mind tonight as you watch the game while trying to limit the amount of nagging by the wife:

The Marlins started out the year on a tear at 11-1...and...doh...now sit at 17-15 with a 6-14 record since then. Weird year for them so far. 6 of those first 11 wins came against the Nationals, who as we know...ummm...suck, so that's no surprise there. But during their slide they even got swept by Pittsburgh. Can you really have any respect for a team that can't even take a game off Pittsburgh in a 3 game set? Seriously, I can see Braun in the clubhouse right now walking around telling the guys these clowns got swept by the team the Brewers currently own stock in.

The Crew meanwhile, is chugging along at 18-14, and have either won or tied every series since they were out in New York and were 4-8. The 4 letter network seems content with our little hot streak to place us back in the top 10 in weekly power ranking...in the 7 spot. While the offense has been nice to watch, a little love must be given to the starting 5. The Brewers currently lead MLB in Quality Starts with 19. Great to see. I've said it before...the offense will take care of itself. But if the starting pitching can keep up a similar pace we're in for a good summer.

Ken Macha will also get his own paragraph shout out here for how he's used the pitching staff thus far this year. Still early to crown him, but lets just say I'm enjoying the usage a lot more then the previous regime.

And finally, pitching tonight for the Fish is a guy they just called up from Triple A. Apparently he used to be a Cub. Can't say I remember him. Dude hasn't pitched in the Bigs since 07. Good luck pal. The Crew hits lefties pretty well. I'm thinking a nice 8-3 victory tonight. No Woz Guarantee...still too early for that.


Goldy said...

I think DeFelice needs a shout out as well.

rex jaybels said...

Nice call on the score. That was a recipe for disaster for the Marlins.