Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Thoughts

A couple quick thoughts from a tired as all hell Hacker.

  • It is awesome to take the series from the holier than thou Cardinals. With the sad sack line-up the Cards are trotting out there, there is no reason we shouldn't sweep.
  • Having said that, Looper hasn't looked the best his last 2 outings. Maybe he will up his game at Busch, much like Soup does.
  • Thanks to errands and golf, I only watched about 3 innings of the Brewers on TV this weekend. I did see Hart's homer, so that was good enough.
  • Got an awesome voicemail from Woz at around 7:30 on Friday. He was in St. Louis for the series. He was well on his way to a good night at 7:30. Any trips to Sauget? I am expecting a post with details of the road trip.
  • Golf is so much easier when you can hit your drive straight.
  • I see that Cutter Dykstra has been moved to second base. He was sent to Helena, which doesn't start its season for another 5 weeks. That can't be a good thing with Lawrie blocking his path. Also, hitting .212 at low A is not a good thing.
  • Speaking of very bad things, I don't like what is going on with Rickie's wrist. Flying him out to see the guy that did surgery on it in the past is not a good thing.
  • I think I enjoy beating the Cardinals more than the Cubs right now.
  • If I don't post again, I am most likely dead. My wife and I will be running the Madison half-marathon next Sunday. Today was our last long training run. 12 miles through Glendale, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood and ending at the art museum downtown. It is actually a pretty cool run with lots of great sights along the lake. However, the post run Mountain Dew may not have been my best idea ever.
  • Anxiously awaiting Matt's sweeping cat post tomorrow.
  • Good night and good bowling everybody.


Nubs said...

Perfect Sign-off Goldy. Good luck next Sunday. Looking forward to your tired ass attempting to bring another open bar to it’s knees!

Tim said...

Good luck next Sunday. I ran the Green Bay half marathon yesterday, and the three hour drive home was made much sweeter with the Crew on the radio.

the WOZ fan club said...

We need a recap in St Louis, Woz...

Goldy said...

Thanks Tim. How did that go for you? I'm looking forward to the race. Enough training, I just want to run the race at this point.

Also, thanks Nubs. I'll be in prime shape for your gathering.

Tim said...

It was the first race that I ever entered, and I had to take 2 weeks off of training in the middle of April with an injury, so I was a little gassed at the end, but it was worth it. Thanks for asking. It is a pretty cool feeling when you cross the finish line. People screaming at you like you are Craig Counsell or something.

Goldy said...

I have waited my entire life to have people scream at me like I was Craig Counsell. This is going to be awesome!

Gregor said...

My girlfriend ran in the Green Bay Half yesterday also. Her time was 2:04, which she was pretty happy with. And about 20 minutes after her the first full Marathoners came sprinting in, which is kind of ridiculous considering they ran TWICE AS FAR.