Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boring Game = Picture of hot Alaskan Chick

So I attended the baseball game at Miller Park this fine evening, hoping to witness some level of excitement during the event. Boy was I wrong. The only positive thing I can think of from the game was that C3 got two opposite field hits. Everything else completely sucked.

I was thinking about writing something about the Brewers...but you know what? I'm not. I'm not going to waste time. They'll be fine. Eventually Corey Hart will remember he's playing baseball and not cricket and the team will rebound.

So let's get down to some real business: random hot Alaskan women. Anybody see the preview during Monday's game of Ice Road Truckers Season 3? Can you say...sexy vixen!

Lisa is a rambunctious tomboy and a motocross-riding daredevil who is as full of energy as she is cute. Lisa has crashed both trucks and motorcycles, but she doesn’t let fear get in her way on the road. She must battle the big boys daily just to keep her job.

I love it! Let's check out the photobook shall we!

She looks good even when she gets a little dirty. You work on that truck girl.

I'm digging the look. Oh baby are you a little cold?

Yeah...I know I know. Definitely not a 10 (or even a 9 or an 8). Judging from the photographs she appears to lack a decent frontcourt, but I can overlook that. What I like though...is the attitude gentlemen. You don't mess with her. This chick isn't afraid of a spider. She can make herself look good...while at the same time driving a big rig across a icy death trail. YOU'VE GOT TO LOVE THAT. To paraphrase Johnny Drama, She's the kind that you grab on to...and surrender all control.

The DVR for Ice Road Truckers Season 3 has been set.


Brad said...

Is dumb fuck Rick gonna be on this season? That guy's so dumb its funny.

Anonymous said...


- sanchez

garcia said...

Why is it that all Cardinals live in the past about their accomplishments except Big Mac? Seems odd?!?! Oh and that gay color analyst for the Cards... calling the Brewers classless for the untucking... I guess Big Mac has more class by abusing the game with Andro, right? And then he goes and more or less lies about it in court? How about to top it off the Cards worship him after the fact by putting up a neon sign to him in their new stadium!

But the Crew is "classless" for untucking their shirts after a win, cause that's how they celebrate... go fuck yourself!

Anonymous said...

Can we get a "Women of Alaska" calendar. See if you can get the girls to autograph their month.