Monday, April 20, 2009

You Mean This Guy Wasn't Natural? No Way.

Great story on ESPN about Tony "The Turnstile"Manderich. His time in Green Bay was pretty much a haze, among other things:
"Fifty, 60, 70 painkillers a day," Mandarich said. "I would just drink more because it's easier to get alcohol. A lot of self-loathing … absolutely hated myself. I hated everything about me."

"I had said even before the draft that I did not want to get drafted by the Packers," Mandarich said. "I didn't want to play in a small market. I called Green Bay a village. Some of the stuff I said, when I look back now, is just embarrassing."


jnizzle said...

Just another quality NFL prospect produced by Michigan State. Charles Rogers, Demetrius Underwood, Plaxico Burress.....To name a few

Anonymous said...

Andre Rison