Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, At Least It Was Entertaining

Tough series, but at least it was entertaining. A few things we learned this weekend:

- Jeff Suppan sucks. Actually, we learned that a while ago. Now we know why St Louis wouldn't offer him more than a two year deal.
- I must say, Fielder's robbed grand slam last night was pretty sweet.
- The Weeks tease is upon us. Looked decent at the plate, good on the basepaths, and really good in the field.
- The bullpen...yuck.
- Corey Hart is swinging a solid bat...don't tell Goldy. He even had two walks the other night!
- The Brewers struck out 33 times. That's a problem.


thecobra said...

Jason Kendall could play less.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Johnson getting drilled in the middle of the back was pretty funny too.

ClownShipLollypop said...

That catch was pretty amazing. Especially when it's in a stadium you don't know.

As much as I hate the Cubs, I'll give him props on that.

He really took that one in the back. You could see the fucking ripples. I kept rewinding the DVR and watching it over and over laughing my ass off. I can't see how that was not on purpose. Julio had good control.

Lance's Other Nut said...


How about Morgan and company saying that it couldn't have been on purpose because Fielder "tipped his cap"

Of course Fielder isn't going to pull Julio aside and tell him to throw at him.

Joe Morgan = gay fish

Goldy said...

I wonder if Milton Bradley makes that catch? Just a very nice play.
Seems like some of the worst fears from the off-season are playing out thus far. Pitching is not that great and strikeouts are abounding.

I will also admit that I wrote the following sentence in an e-mail this morning, "I must say, Hart has looked decent."

Lance's Other Nut said...

Hart looked great until that 3 pitch strike out when he swung at 3 straight garbage pitches.

The Devil said...

this is weeks's year!

Keith Ginter said...

Strike outs don't matter that much...
Marmol accounted for 4 of the k's himself.
Fri-4 runs
Sat-5 runs
Sun-5 runs

4.67 runs a game is pretty damn good against a pretty solid staff.

This was a positive series...
The runs are going to come!

And Suppan is revealed for the old man he truly is, early in the season. Which allows for Dougy and Ken to find a solution earlier, rather than Soup July of 0-5 with a ERA 8+ to kill our playoff chances and possible big trade opportunities.

Soon, McClung will head back to the rotation for the time being.
And come June/July maybe we can make a trade...

D'Amico's one good year said...


Do we trade JJ for Peavy yet?

Because at this point... We need the pitching WAY more than we need JJ batting fifth and not seeing any fastballs.

Don't get me wrong; I love JJ, i'm not as hyped to get escobar as a lot of people seem to be... But god-damn do we need another pitcher. Bush is bush, a servicable starter, Gallardo looks good, Parra COULD be good, Looper is... Well, he's kinda dave bush. And Soup is... HORRIBLE.

Whatchall think?

ClownShipLollypop said...

Joe Morgan is a moron along with all of the ESPN Baseball staff. They can't fathom any other rivalry besides the Red Sox and Yankees.

That ball was drilled squarely into his back at like 95MPH. He's lucky he didn't get Spina Bifida.

We should be saving that shit for Pujols!

Looked like Fielder was laughing a bit.

wv23 said...

dogy -

don't you think the padres prefer escobar to hardy?

hardy turns 27 this year, is already in arbitration years and is making $4.65 million this year.

escobar is 22 years, has .028 years of MLB service and costs $400,000.

they're trading peavy to save money, so adding hardy wouldn't seem to be all that appetizing for them.

DOGY said...


I know what you're saying, and it makes sense. BUT... JJ is an excellent shortstop (especially offensively), whereas Escobar is an unproven one. At this point, I think they need the pitching and if it means EITHER of them... Fine.

FWIW- I went to all three T-Rats games this weekend... Scarpetta looked very promising, as well as Lawrie and Kjelgaard.

Goldy said...

This is not entertaining.

nobody said...

our pitching is awesome.

grammy said...

i know what the brewers were trying to do by hitting johnson in the back after robbing fielder...but i'm convinced that they failed to send a message considering johnson's only reaction was a good chuckle as he got to first...i find it funny that the brewer fans dig this so much. but i prefer fielder's reaction...a tip of the cap goes a long way.

grammy said...

and btw, bradley breaks his leg trying to make that catch.