Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Is Ladder Co #5 Dousing Busch Stadium?

The first gas can of the season goes to....Jason Motte. The new Cards closer might be the old Cards closer soon. One outing, one meltdown. 4-2 St Louis entering the top of the 9th vs the lowly Pirates...

Double, Strikeout, FC - runner to 3rd, Single, Double, Hit By Pitch, Double in the gap (by slappy Jack Wilson), Flyout.

6-4, Pittsburgh. That's how it ended. Not a good debut by Mr. Motte. LaVodka wanted to puke after watching Wilson's double ...it was great.

FYI, I was able to watch the game because the MLB Extra Innings package is free for a week. Nice way to pass the time if the Brewers are rained out today.

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AP said...

In his defense, TLR only wanted to puke because he was heavily intoxicated and not because of asnything Motte did.