Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Final Weekly Bucks Report!

Probably. I'm not sure I can put Two Name through the torture of writing one of these again. The Bucks are done and the Crew is about to start. That didn't stop Two Name this week though! Look at the quality analysis and bad ass pictures!

As one season full of high expectations begins this afternoon, the Bucks’ schedule continues to grind to a painful end.
Milwaukee lost three games this week, including Saturday night against the Memphis Grizzlies at home. Come on! Anyway, instead of dissecting what took place this week, I thought we’d delve into the Bucks’ history book just a bit.
I know things are dire right now, but there is hope for this franchise. It might be tough to feel that way while this team keeps losing, but looking back at some of the guys who have worn a Milwaukee uniform, it’s clear we have come a long way. Let’s take a look at some classic rosters for the Bucks comprised by unforgettable names that always give us a good chuckle.

1992-1993: The most memorable names from this roster were Theodore “Blue” Edwards, Anthony Avent, Alaa Abdelnaby, Lee Mayberry and Alan Ogg. How good was Blue Edwards?

1995-1996: Who can forget the crew of Alton Lister, Eric Murdock, Todd Day and Marty Conlon? They were just a few of the gems on the mid-1990s roster. Vin Baker was the stud on that team, but he had no supporting cast.

1998-1999: Things started getting better just before 2000, but this late 90s roster still had a couple commons. Jamie Feick, Armen "The Hammer" Gilliam, Haywood Workman, Chris Gatling ring a bell?

Bogut actually is alive: Finally, the Journal Sentinel caught up with Andrew Bogut. It only took about a month to get any kind of update on the most important story of the offseason. Sounds like the recovery from his back injury is on track, with no setbacks to report. That is great news, especially as temperamental as back injuries can be. He even shot down the notion that he will have long-term issues because it’s not a nerve or disc problem. Bogut should be able to begin light workouts soon, and I hope he can get his conditioning back in order heading into the Bucks’ offseason program. Two offseasons ago, Bogut focused on weight lifting and conditioning – not playing basketball – and he was bigger, stronger and fresher throughout the season. He played in the Olympics this past offseason, and that extra ball evidently took its toll. Here’s hoping he’s back stronger than ever next season. The Bucks need him badly. By the way, not many guys can pull off a white suit, but apparently the Aussie has no trouble.

Player of the week: After struggling for a few weeks, Ramon Sessions came back strong the last three games. He recorded his first career triple-double against the Lakers on Wednesday and followed it with 18 points, 10 dimes and five boards against Philly. In Milwaukee’s laughable loss to Memphis Saturday, Ramon had 16 points and 11 assists. Really nice week for next year’s starting point man.

This week: Slow week for the Bucks, as Milwaukee hosts Atlanta and Oklahoma City Wednesday and Saturday, respectively. I see an undefeated week on the horizon (Don’t ask me why).


Matt said...

I'd like to thank Two Name for his efforts this year. Maybe it will be more fun to write about the Bucks next year.

Larry Wayne said...

I have been waiting for this day all year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for watching the bucks, so I didn't have to.