Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Somebody Asleep at the Switch

Yet another reason to love the MLB Network - those new-network-goofs.

I was watching the MLB Tonight program on the Network just a minute ago, and as the program came back from commercial (or so I thought) here was the exchange that viewers heard:

[Volume very low]

Matt Vasgersian: Well we're 34 days away from opening day, we planned on talking about Fernando Vina, but the latest on Manny Ramirez. Dodgers GM Ned Colletti --

Harold Reynolds: Matt - Fernando Valenzuela.

[Screen goes dark. Volume goes very high]

Vasgersian: Did I say Fernando Vina?

Reynolds: Yeah.

Vasgersian: What the fuck is that?

[10 second pause, dark screen]

Aaaaaaaand they go back to programming, with Vasgersian talking about Fernando Valenzuela. Not Vina. And no f-bombs.



brad said...

AWESOME! Matty V has a small history of that. A few years ago, he was caught swearing about St Louis and STL fans after an early commercial break. He tried to email TheBigLead and Deadspin and play it off as a joke. Didn't work.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that caught that LOL. There's no excuse for it to have aired again this morning though. This originaly aired (Or at least when I heard it) around 10:30pm on 3/2/09

brad said...

In all it's glory:


Tim said...

This exact thing used to happen to Paul Harvey all the time.

Plesac's A Traitor said...

Yet another reason I just can't get into Brian Anderson, or couldn't really enjoy Darren Sutton. After listening to Vasgersian through those lean years, nothing compares.

"You gotta be dry-shaving me!"

ClownShipLollypop said...

I remember an incident where Vasgersian made a quip about a chick in the stands and Schroeder was confused as to the non-baseball related reference.

Vasgersian - "Wow, did you see that? Can we go back to that?" Camera pans back to the hot chick.

Schroeder - ......

Vasgersian "I love summer"

Anonymous said...

as great as vasgersian is, would you rather have vasgersian, but have to watch the 98 team, or have this team with anderson? its gotta be anderson, as boring as he is.