Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jerry Royster Lives!

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Not only is Jerry alive, he's a baseball God in Korea managing something called the Lotte Giants. It's a gem of an article describing the popularity of baseball/Royster in Korea.

"Lotte Giants fans are Yankees, Red Sox the Cubs fans all in one," Royster said. "They're more passionate than any major league team could ever dream of."

In this league, umpires apologize for unpopular calls. Some change their minds as a gesture of politeness.

Lou Pinella might be undefeated in Korea. And it doesn't take much to motivate players over there:

"Our players had gotten so used to being lousy, many had given up," team spokesman Kim Geon-tae said. "He told them 'You're a professional ballplayer.' He won the hearts of players and fans."

About 20,000 once showed up, not for a game, but to watch him tape a commercial in which he spoke Korean.

On opening day, four hours before the first pitch, Royster said he stared slack-jawed at a 30,000-seat stadium that was filled to capacity.

"It's like a mosh pit," Jung said. "Picture a rock star going through a crowd. It's the same thing. People are clawing at him, giving him high-fives and pats on the back. Sometimes he can't get through and we have to sneak out a back door."

Jerry Royster - Rockstar? WTF?? Sure, he may be popular in Korea, but who can forget his 53-94 stint managing the Crew?
Hee Seop Choi could not be reached for comment.

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Matt said...

This sounds pretty much like Royster's stint in Milwaukee.

Except it's the exact opposite.

He probably has better players on that Korean team than he had on the Brewers.