Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures From Maryvale

Some pics from Maryvale from Brewer fans Steve.

Nice looking ball yard from the outside...

...and inside.

Prince, filling out a pair of pants like only Prince can.

TGJ, undoubtedly slapping a two hopper to second base.

Braun, looking to crush this offering - as well as some Arizona hotties.

Hart, wondering why all these guys are taking pitches.


Anonymous said...

lol @ hart

ClownShipLollyPop said...

No pictures of the ghetto surrounding it?

brad said...

Is it really that bad? I heard it wasn't the best area. Can you compare it to an area of Milwaukee?

Nubs said...

I would say... maybe, the rough streets of Lake Mills?

Guy With a Question said...

Chuckie Hacks guys and readers, I have nowhere to turn for my question. This has bothered me for years. I hope this picks up somewhere in a thread because I really want to know what Brewer management was thinking.

Why the hell did the Brewers retire Rollie Fingers' #34? He only played with them for 5 years. Yeah, he won the MVP and Cy Young in a strike shortened year. He'd be about the 39th guy I think of when I think of a Brewer. Was it just another example of 1982 fever? Come on. He wasn't a Milwaukee guy, didn't bleed Brewers, he was the opposite of a normal guy you'd retire.

Guy With a Question said...

I mean, Rollie Fingers was an Oakland A...not a Brewer.

For some random comparison, that's like the Orlando Magic retiring Horace Grant's number...because Ho Grant helped lead the Magic to their only NBA Finals along with bigger stars on the roster, and he had a wonderful run with a far better team.

I just don't get it. Typical Brewers 80s/90s management.

Mike Sherman's Fanny pack said...

Please Corey Hart, do not poison a good country song this season.

You can choose between:

1. Phil Collins "Against all Odds"
2. Neil Diamond "Song Sung blue"

Your welcome.

ClownShipLollypop said...

It's hard to tell when you're in bad areas out there, but I would say you would be more likely to get your car stolen by Maryvale than be stabbed.

Although the area has gotten much worse in recent years.