Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anthony Witrado gives Fashion Advice

Ahhh...spring. Baseball. Time to have heated debates about the Brewers' last spot in the bullpen...or who should start the opener...or who should be playing at the hot corner...or when it is appropriate to wear a skull cap.

Ummm...skull cap? What?

Oh Witrado you got style buddy...nothing but style. The Brewers 2nd beat writer who has shown a knack for wearing camouflage attire with pokey reese like hats in freaking Arizona during Spring Training got a little testy in his answers to a couple of questions in what other than that was a pretty decent chat yesterday. Enjoy.

# Q: Bill, Phoenix, AZ - Hey Anthony, I've seen you out and about at ST this year. I have one quick question for you. Does Doug Melvin ever laugh at you for wearing a skull cap?
# A: Anthony Witrado - You must have been there on the cold days. However, I don't own a skull cap, a fashion trend that his been mislabled and mistaken for beanies, which is what you've seen me in. And the ones you might have seen me in either have baseball/softball logos on them or are snowboard hats. Skull caps are tight fitting tops that form to your head, sort of like Under Armour. So there you have it. As far as Doug goes, who knows? What I do know is I wouldn't be caught dead in what some of the other writers from other teams wear, in spring training or during the regular season when the wardrope steps up. Also, I've yet to be arrested for anything, despite what you might think of my shorts, Air Maxes and shirts.

MY REACT: Ummm..oooooooooookkkkkkkkkk Anthony. Seems to me like a question that could have been ignored in the chat. And what's with the "I've yet to be arrested" comment? Hey I'll go there. Was this a way to indirectly bring your race into the discussion? Interesting.

# Q: Rab, Wisconsin - Tony, Love it when you wear you cap sideways like a gangsta! I don't know how the gals control themselves.
# A: Anthony Witrado - Rab, Thanks for starting this chat off by calling me by the wrong name and showing how witty you can be with your observations of my attire ("gangsta," assuming you meant someone who is a gang member, is spelled with "er" at the end).

MY REACT: Thanks for the spelling lesson Tony.

# Q: Joe Public, Madison - Why do you suck at life?
# A: Anthony Witrado - I ask myself that all the time, kid.

MY REACT: Funny question...but again...never should have made it in the chat. You have a delete button Tony...use it.

And finally, my favorite one from the chat:

# Q: Daniel Lavender, Racine, WI - How did you overcome your lack of any apparent skills to land a prime job like covering the Brewers?
# A: Anthony Witrado - Payola.

MY REACT: Wow! Payola! Did Tony seriously just write that? Let's go to Wikipedia shall we: The term has come to refer to any secret payment made to cast a product in a positive light (such as obtaining positive reviews). That's pretty rocking. Tony just answered a question regarding how he got his job by insinuating (with the use of a slang word commonly used in the music industry) that he paid off people to get where he is today. The Journal Sentinel...where magic happens people!

Tony could use a couple lessons in tact, methinks. There is no need to condescendingly respond to a couple moronic jokers looking to rile him up with some personal attacks during a chat. Again, the delete button is there Tony, use it. Otherwise, you are making yourself look worse.

Brewer fever...catch it!


Anonymous said...

Tony is to the baseball journalism field as Keanu Reeves is to the theatrical field.

Keith Ginter said...

He's on the staff to prove that Tom H is at least better than somebody..

Nubs said...

Woz, Always appreciate the snap shot on the chats. Well Done Sir.

also Ginter, I think you might be on to something.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Wow, what a fucking turd-basket. I've always known he was a douche, but jesus.

That's the most unprofessional Q&A I've ever seen.

AP said...

Re: The final question from Dan in Racine-

Lavender is a commenter over at BrewCrewBall. They've been going a little crazy recently with the Witrado bashing over there, and when they found out yesterday that AW was having a live chat it sounds like it was pretty much a free for all on the insults. I don't know if the other two comments you listed were the same thing, but I'm sure AW was a bit testy from answering a ton of questions about how much he sucks. In Dan's defense, that's the price you pay when you work in the public eye and you suck.

Seriously, who reads the paper anymore?

grammy said...

witrado is truly awful. he's never been arrested huh? good, i feel much better knowing that. skull caps? payola? correcting the spelling in gangsta? wow.

thanks urinal sentinal

Matt said...

He was an awful prep sports writer also. He should be on the traffic court beat, not the Brewers.

paul said...

anyone ever see that seinfeld episode where jerry makes fun of elaine's boyfriend Tony? "eyyy Tonayye" the one where george has a man crush. everytime i read witrados crap, i think of that seinfeld impression of what that douche looks like

Matt said...

Hey, there's two Matts on here?

Welcome, other Matt.

That's so weird. Matt is such an uncommom name.

Goldy said...

How do you feel when you are Art Krabbolowski, or whatever his name is, and you are the guy that followed Tony on the Preps beat.